Security Consultant / Security Engineer / Penetration Tester

**Please note we are currently only accepting applications from candidates with an existing right to work in the UK**

About Intruder

Intruder is a fast-growing cyber security start-up that’s been through prestigious accelerators including the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator. Providing an integrated vulnerability scanning platform Intruder helps companies easily identify, track, and fix cyber security weaknesses, before they get hacked. Intruder has its headquarters in London, UK, and provides cyber security services to thousands of customers worldwide. Learn more about Intruder’s platform, services, and growing team here.

Job Description

We need the best security minds to help make sure our platform is always at the cutting edge of the industry, while simultaneously delivering the bespoke security consultancy and penetration testing that many of our customers need.

A successful security consultant at Intruder should have a deep understanding of both information security and technology. They should understand basic concepts including computer networking, web technologies, and cloud services. They will also have knowledge of common network defence tools and techniques, and their associated weaknesses. Successful consultants should also be able to learn advanced techniques in vulnerability detection, advanced fingerprinting, and security control evasion/bypass.

This role is highly technical and challenging with opportunities to help solve some complex problems within the vulnerability detection and monitoring space.

You are expected to quickly process new information so that you can stay ahead of the changing cyber security landscape and apply what you know to our customer’s attack surface, and the Intruder platform. You will be expected to identify, evaluate, and understand all access vectors for each customer’s environment and automate your approach.

You'll need to be a consultant first and foremost, with the ability manage your own schedule and speak to clients as important as your technical ability as a hacker. You'll also need to understand the important difference between a technical vulnerability and a business risk, as our clients need us to speak their language as well as ours.

Your responsibilities

You will be required to conduct continuous vulnerability discovery/bug hunting against a subset of our customers. You will need to carry out checks from the penetration testing methodology at scale against multiple customers simultaneously. This will require a problem-solving mindset and an ability to rapidly automate tasks. As part of the continuous vulnerability discovery/bug hunting you will have to review automated scan results and triage results to determine whether findings are accurate.

You will also be required to independently perform external infrastructure, web application, and cloud-focused penetration tests. This will include the full delivery lifecycle from scoping through to final report delivery.

We need you to help maintain our methodologies and tooling and where appropriate suggest changes and make improvements, to ensure that we continue to detect the most recent vulnerabilities.

A core part of your role will be to contribute to the continuous improvement and maintenance of the Intruder platform itself. This will include:

  • Researching and appraising novel vulnerability detection and discovery techniques which can be incorporated into improved vulnerability scanning plans
  • Identifying new and novel ways to reduce false-positive detections within our platform and working to provide proof-of-concept code
  • Writing new security issue descriptions and recommendations to ensure that they are accurate, business impact focused, actionable, and comprehensive
  • Tracking emerging vulnerabilities and attack techniques to discover additional weaknesses on Intruder customer networks

You will also be expected to contribute to Intruder’s blog, either by producing content or helping others in the team develop content.

We're still a small team, so you'll also occasionally need to weigh in on a request from a customer or help at an event. As such, this role would suit someone looking for some variety to their role.

What’s in it for you

For this intermediate level role, we are offering a competitive salary of £40,000 - £65,000 per year, depending upon your existing experience and skill set. We also want you to benefit from the success you create, great companies are built by great people, so we offer share options to all employees, depending on experience and salary.

We're a friendly team and we work in an enjoyable but professional working environment. We're not a traditional consultancy in that our focus is primarily on our platform and product, so we don't run our consultants at 100% utilisation. There's plenty of time for other activities, like doing security research, hunting for additional bugs for our customers, or writing blog articles, where this aligns with company objectives.

We’re based in London, UK, but we are open to remote working arrangements. Some of our team members are already working remotely, but if you’re able to visit our office on occasion to meet the team that would be a benefit. Our focus is on internet-exposed systems, which means that we do not require you to travel to customer sites to deliver internal penetration tests.

As a small team we are flexible and offer a certain level of autonomy that allows you to make meaningful and lasting contributions to Intruder, and our customers.

The ideal candidate must

  • Have at least 1 year of industry experience in offensive security
  • Be comfortable with client-facing calls, and penetration test scoping
  • Have a technical academic background in cyber security or software engineering
  • Have attained one or more of the following industry qualifications:
    • CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester (CCT INF)
    • CREST Certified Web Application Tester (CCT APP)
    • CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT)
    • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
    • Offensive Security Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defences (OSEP)
    • Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE)
    • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking/Purple Team SANS courses
  • Have experience in at least five of the following:
    • Network penetration testing and a thorough understanding of network protocols
    • Web application penetration testing and a thorough understanding of application layer vulnerabilities
    • Automation of simple tasks and complex chains using Python, Ruby, or Go (Golang)
    • Developing, extending, or modifying detection and fingerprinting in different formats, including NASL, YML, Python, Java
    • Developing, extending, or modifying exploit code, shellcode or exploit tools
    • Strong knowledge of tools used for web application, and network security testing including commercial vulnerability scanning engines
    • Cloud services, including how to interact with, and assess them for weaknesses
  • Demonstrate a high standard of technical aptitude
  • Have excellent command of written English language
  • Ability to document and explain technical details in a concise, understandable manner
  • Be able and willing to manage their own time across multiple tasks